Instant Tennis - Level 2.5 – 3.0. Designed for the player who is returning to the game or simply starting out. This weekly clinic will give the participant the basic fundamentals of the game.
  • $12 member / $17 guest
Open Clinic - Level 3.5 – 4.0. An energetic 90-minute session comprised of drill, strategy and play situations.
  • $19 member / $25 guest
Mens Clinic - Level 3.5 and up. An energetic fast paced session, consisting of live ball drills and strategy in the first hour, and singles and doubles match play for the last 30 minutes.
  • $19 member / $25 guest
Ladies Clinic - A great 90 minute clinic preparing ladies for USTA matches, breaking down the fundamentals and strategy behind successful match play.
Recommended levels - all.
  • $19 member / $25 guest
Cardio Tennis - Take your cardio routine out of the gym and on to the tennis court! Cardio Tennis is designed to give you a complete cardio workout. A great workout for players of all abilities.
  • $12 member / $17 non-member
Men's League - Rotational doubles with balls and matchups provided each week!
Recommended level 3.5+. Complimentary for members / $10 guest

Mixed Doubles League -  Rotational doubles with balls and matchups provided each week! 
Recommended level 8.0. Complimentary for members / $10 guest


Little Stars - A 30 minute clinic for the munchkins!!  Joeys focuses on hand-eye coordination, racquet skills, basic movements, learning strokes, but most importantly FUN!!!  
Recommended ages  3 - 5.
  • $9 member / $12 guest
Rising Stars - Introducing tennis related techniques, movement and the concept of rallying. Future Champs introduces the point play aspect of tennis, urging those competitive juices to start flowing!
Recommended ages 6 - 9.
  • $12 member / $17 guest
All Stars - This program concentrates on stroke production, rallying and learning the basic strategy behind the game, as well as how to score.  
Recommended ages 10 - 13.
  • $12 member / $17 guest
High Performance Juniors - The most advanced of our junior clinics, targeting high school players competing for a spot on their school teams. An intense 90 minute session comprised of drilling, strategy and point play.
Recommended ages - 14 & older.
  • $19 member / $25 guest.
3 Day Tennis Camps - Boys and Girls age 6 and up. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Space is limited. Camps are held in June, July and August. $150 per child. For more information please see the registration form here.


Tennis 101 - If you have never picked up a racquet, this is the class for you. Each week focuses on a new aspect of tennis, all culminating in match play the final week!  Complimentary 4 week course for members / $60 guest.  Please inquire about session start dates.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons - Contact Red Ledges Tennis at (435) 657-4055 to schedule your private lesson today! Private lessons can be shared by up to three people and are available in 30, 60, and 90 minute increments. Recommended ages/levels - all!  
  • 1 Hour: $65 member / $75 guest
  • 30 Minutes: $35 member / $40 guest