What is TrackMan™?

TrackMan™ is a radar unit that measures the full trajectory of any golf shot and club delivery up to 400-yards. It accurately measures the landing position within 1 foot at 100 yards. TrackMan™ leads the golf industry in accuracy and data credibility.

No matter which part of your game and swing you are looking to improve, TrackMan™ data will assist you with any and all of the following:
  • club speed
  • vertical swing plane
  • horizontal swing plane
  • attack angle
  • dynamic loft
  • club path
  • face angle
  • ball speed
  • spin rate
  • smash factor
  • spin axis
  • vertical launch angle
  • horizontal launch angle
  • landing angle
  • the carry
  • the carry side
  • total distance
  • total side

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